General flexible packaging metarials
Materials Applications Features
Base film PET, BOPP, NYLON(BOPA) Used as outer layer of food packages. Often printed.
Functional film CPP, LLDPE, aluminium foil, vaccum metalized films Provide water/gas barrier or sealant.
Materials Applications Features
Easy Tear Film PE container,PP container,PET/PVC container Great easy-peel ability with excellent sealant performance. Suitable for containers made of PE, PP, PVC and PET.
Low Temperature Heat Sealing Film Metallocene Polyethylene Film,Low Temperature Heat Sealing Film​ Suitable for high speed packaging with low heat sealing temperature. Increase quality and production efficiency.
Retort film Retort Nylon Film,Retort CPP Film Designed to endure high temperature up to 135 ℃. Often used in Retort pouch.
High-barrier film OPP, PET, NYLON coated with PVdC (KOP, KPET, KNY),EVOH co-extruded Film,Aluminium Oxide Barrier Film Provide excellent vapor/oxygen barrier to keep the flavor.
Special Surface Treatment Film Soft-touch Film,Anti-scuff Film ​ Superior appearance and performance will be added through special treatment on film surface.
Adhesive Solvent-based Adhesive,Water-based Adhesive,Solvent-free Adhesive​ Dry-laminating adhesives.